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Hairdressing Saloon

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Representative office

"Babor", "Keune", "Blomdahl"

You can officially buy from us the products by such companies as "Babor", "Keune", "Blomdahl". We are the official representatives of these companies

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Hairdressing Saloon

Hairstyles for Ladies

  • Haircut with “hot scissors” strong>
  • Model haircut with drying
  • Hair braiding
  • Blow-dry
  • Hair curlers styling
  • Short hair highlighting
  • Long hair highlighting
  • Short hair coloring
  • Long hair coloring
  • Evening hairstyle    
  • Waiving with waive tons  
  • Hair dyeing    
  • Hair washing    
  • Near-root permanent waving  
  • Spiral perm    
  • Short hair permanent waiving    
  • Long hair permanent waiving    
  • Head massage    

Hairstyles for Gentlemen

  • Model haircut for long hair
  • Faux hawk
  • Boxing, semi-boxing
  • Flattop/crew cut
  • Bob-haircut   
  • Bald haircut    
  • Blow-dry    

Hairstyles for Children (preschoolers)

  • Faux hawk
  • Boxing, semi-boxing
  • Bob-haircut    
  • Crew cut

Make-up Artist

Our make-up artist works with the cosmetics “Atelier” (France), “Babor” (Germany)

Make-up Artist Services

  • Consultation    
  • Daily make-up    
  • Evening make-up    
  • Bridal make-up    
  • Old-age make-up    
  • Eyelash lamination   

Massage and SPA

Body Sculpting and Body Care

  • General strengthening (all body front and back)
  • Back massage (neck, back, low back areas)
  • Massage of collar area
  • Lumbosacral region massage
  • Abdominal massage
  • Arm massage
  • Facial massage
  • Leg massage (feet, lower leg, upper leg)  
  • Massage of anterior breast, neck, face, head  
  • Anticellulite abdominal massage  
  • Anticellulite massage “Shaping” (thighs, forearms)  
  • Lymphatic body massage  
  • Swedish massage (antistress)  
  • d’Arsonval  

Body Wrapping

  • Chocolate wrapping for weight loss
  • Coffee wrapping for weight loss
  • Clay wrapping
  • Cupping massage  
  • Algae wrapping  
  • Honey wrapping  
  • Anticellulite massage  

Representative office

Nail Techniques

We work with Alessandro, ORLY cosmetics

  • Classical manicure
  • Manicure + gel nail polishing
  • French manicure
  • Art painting (manicure + French gel nail polishing)
  • Hand mask
  • Paraffin therapy (hot, cold)
  • Gel nail polishing without manicure (Alessandro Orly, Peegy Sage)
  • Gel nail polishing  
  • Hair removal (chin hair)  
  • Hair removal (knee-deep)  
  • Nail extension (gel, acryl) without manicure  
  • Classical pedicure + peeling, mask  
  • Pedicure with gel nail polishing  
  • Pedicure for men  
  • Eyelash permanent waving + dyeing  
  • Eyebrow shaping  
  • Eyebrow dyeing  
  • Eyelash dyeing  
  • Eyebrow correction + eyelash and eyebrow dyeing  
  • Hair removal (ankle-deep)  

Beauty Therapy

  • Exclusive facials “Babor”  
  • Mechanical facial cleansing  
  • Glycol peelings 40 min. (25%,35%,50%,70%) 
  • Superficial peeling 50 min.  
  • "Sculptura Medical" Peelings 
  • Dischromia pigmentation 
  • Akne 
  • Normal and Sensitive Skin "Normalskin" 
  • "Babor" Cleansing 
  • Facial chiromassage without mask 
  • Facial chiromassage with mask 
  • Blepharolift – orbital area facial massage without mask 
  • Waxing – upper lip 


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